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Online Classes

Instructions for Online Class

This is to bring to your notice about the timings and guidelines to be followed during the online classes.

For smooth functioning of these classes at your end, we recommend the following:

  1. Timetable will be scheduled as per week
  2. Students should have a laptop/PC with webcam.
  3. A bluetooth headset with mic proper sound system and sound proof room is compulsory.
  4. Students should be ready with their books and stationaries according to the time table.
  5. During the online sessions, students should have a fair internet connection
  6. Students are expected to sit in an isolated room with no disturbance, good lighting and clean background
  7. Attendance will be taken before each class and the log in and log out time will be recorded. If students are seen moving around while the classes are in progress, attendance will not be given.
  8. It is COMPULSORY for all students to have a webcam as the teacher conducting a particular class MUST see the students attending the session. Hence students should ensure their webcams are enabled.
  9. Immediately after one class the students should shift to the next class.
  10. The student should be attentive and not disturb while the class is in progress. We will not permit any kind of misbehavior from students. These students will be blocked from attending further classes.
  11. Parents are required to occasionally check upon your wards to ensure that they are fully engrossed in the lesson.
  12. Hence please do not leave your ward unsupervised for the entire session.
  13. A good night’s sleep is required to help your ward stay fully involved during the class.
  14. Students are expected to be neatly and appropriately dressed for attending class. Proper seating as is expected in a classroom must be followed. Students should be sitting upright and not in a relaxed leisurely manner.
  15. ATTENDANCE IS AUTOMATICALLY BEING MONITORED BY THE SYSTEM..WITH THE LOG IN AND LOG OUT TIME. The classes are being monitored by the school authorities.
  16. A bottle of water should be kept available on the table.
  17. All home work and assignments MUST be completed regularly.
  18. All devices required for use during the classes should be charged before the commencement of the class.
  19. Students should refrain from messaging in the group set up by the concerned teacher.
  20. Initially you may experience technical issues regarding login. Kindly contact the phone number given in the WhatsApp group for that particular class.

Parents we once again urge you to supervise your ward during the sessions from time to time.  Due to the pandemic the Government  instructed schools to organize online classes for  maintaining social distancing and we were not able to reopen the school as scheduled. Hence, these classes are official though the student may not be physically present in the classroom. The first half of the day will be instructional and the second half I.e. after lunch, the offline time MUST be used for completion of homework and assignments.  We may at any time ask the students to submit all the work done .

We once again reiterate the importance of regular attendance for each session.

Once the Government announces  that the school could get back to the conventional classroom teaching we shall be glad to do our part.

In case of non-attendance, please bring it to my notice in the group set up by the concerned teacher.

I thank you and look forward to your cooperation as always.

Stay safe.


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